Thoughts from the Creator

Well, here I am, entering my first thoughts from my warped world. The basement walls look a little dismal, but the sound is still the same. I hear the hum of the rounding motor as it fills the space with various forms of spiculating atomic frquencies. Now you might be sitting there in a similar style. Think of it this way, you could be the creator of your reality. Let’s just say for a moment that you are. In that case, you are actually writing these words to yourself. Of course, let’s just say that you are not and that I am. In that case I am writing these words to myself. At the same time, I am implanting in your imaginary head the thoughts that you are reading. Wait a minute, you couldn’t even be reading, unless, hmmmmmm…. I guess I would be reading what you think you are reading actually. I need to think some more about this and will get back to you/me/us as soon as I straighten the whole mess out.

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