Life is Short

Life is shortSo they sayBut who are they to cause dismayI prefer the longer view, knowing that each day is new Each breath, each site, each sound, each smellLife’s brevity fades like the ring of a bellFor only when the end comes round, do we begin to wax profoundSo let me say with one loud

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Spike was a Dog Amongst Dogs and a Friend to Every Man

My family owned various dogs, cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs over the years. There were two cats, Cinnamon and Blackie, Christie the short haired pointer, and Scamp the mutt. The most memorable of animals to me was a neighborhood mongrel dog named Spike. Spike was a largish, black and brown, thick furred dog of questionable breeding.

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I’ll Fly Away

Why are we all so focused on getting the hell out of here? Somehow we always believe that the grass is greener somewhere other than where we currently are. This thought is blathered about endlessly in songs both secular and religious. I feel I must express opinions on several such songs OK maybe that was

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