My thoughts on religion, the roots thereof, and some of the truth, humor, and silliness that can be enjoyed from its practice.

A Head Full of Shit

Why is man born to suffer and die? This question has been asked by every philosopher, preacher, pauper, player, pilgrim, and partner since the dawn of man’s ability to think such thoughts. Well, lemetellya, last night as I was sleeping off a couple of shots of bourbon that I had recently consumed, the possibility of […]

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I am not, nor have I ever been a believer in the Bigfoot mythology. Now, I have heard the rumors, seen the videos, read the articles, watched the reality shows, and heard the long winded explanations of the vast mountain of evidence for the existence of a large furry ape like creature that lives either

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Karmic Justice

One of the fears we all have, regardless of age, sex, or religion, is prison. We”re all told from birth that prison is a really really dark and dangerous place. This is all reinforced by the endless list of prison dramas where young men are “shivved” because they reached over the plate of a fellow

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