The Logic of Terrorism

So, I have been trying to figure this terrorist thing out. Generally speaking, everything we do has a purpose, so there must be a purpose to what these nitwits are doing. I must assume that the purpose is to convince others to take some action.

What doesn’t seem to make sense to me is that the only action I am convinced to do is to kick their ass. If I were trying to convince someone to do something, I probably wouldn’t blow myself up in a crowd of people. This seems a bit counter productive. You see, if I blow myself up, I am not around to experience the result of the thing that I am trying to convince others to do. Also, I have just blowed up a bunch of people that I was trying to convince.

So my conclusion is that my underlying assumption must be wrong. There must be some other purpose. Perhaps we can look at the great successful and unsuccessful movements of history to gain more insight. Let’s check a few out and we’ll grade them.

The Crusades – Not our greatest moment
Hitler genocide – Resulted in a German ass whuppin’
Tutsis and Hootoos – These bone heads are still kickin’ each others asses
Middle East Conflict – What the fuck?
Gandi peaceful civil disobedience – Social change in India
Milosavich genocide – A bitter twisted old man sitting in jail
Martin Luther King peaceful civil disobedience – Social change in the US
Berlin Wall dropped – Social change throughout Eastern Europe
Montgomery Bus Boycott – we all know how that turned out

Note the trend. Nonviolent change – successful, Violent change – unsuccessful. Hmmmm
Let us all hope and pray that the trend grows and continues

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