Forward into the Past

Why do we spend so much time worrying about mistakes we have made or things that are yet to be? It seems to me that the stuff in the past is pretty much unchangeable, unless someone invents a time machine that would allow us to go back and change it. The things that are yet to be, can be thought of as those same things that we traveled back in time for – if you get my meaning.

Let us try a thought experiment. Let’s imagine that you besmirched the reputation of a close friend, totally pissed them off, resulting in a destroyed relationship that could never be mended. You have unbelievable regret for this action and wish for all the world that you could travel back in time and change your actions. But you can’t because there is no Mister Peabody to set the Way Back Machine to 2012.

Now let’s place ourselves in the current time frame and imagine that at some time in the future we will besmirch our close friends reputation. Let’s also visualize the consequences of such an action. I think you would come to the conclusion that it would be a huge mistake. In essence you have traveled back in time, because you have looked at the future and “it don’t look so good”.

I do believe that most of civilization could benefit from such a thought experiment, considering the state that the world is currently in.

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