Why Does a Blogger Need To Up Their Marketing Game?

Why did we decide to take the Udacity Digital Marketing Program, an online course to enhance our digital marketing skill set? One would think that we’d already be skilled at marketing to even think about launching a blog with the intent to monetize. Our track record in monetization has proven to be less than stellar. To remedy this sorry condition, we went in search of a way to up our game in marketing our blog. We quickly winnowed the list of possibilities down to a few different services, of which Udacity proved to be the most cost effective.

After some preliminary market research, we quickly found that the focus of our blog did not match the needs of our customer/audience. As a result, we’ve decided to take a new direction with our blog this year, to address the concerns and focus of our readership. We’ve discovered that our readership consists of mainly retired folks with a desire and penchant for topics that address their lifestyles and interests. Today’s retiree is quite unlike the retirees of yesteryear. Instead of a focus on a relaxed and sedentary lifestyle, today’s retirees are active and engaged individuals with a zest for a healthy and engaging lifestyle filled with new experiences and adventures. Our staff are in a similar stage in life with a like mindset, so we feel that we have just the sort of curious and like minded researchers that can help to craft and discover the kinds of information that will lend itself to aiding in your life journey.

One of the questions that often get asked by our readership regarding content on the web is, how can I be confident that what I am reading is truthful and accurate. Well, all I can say is that our staff is equally skeptical of content that is pulled from the web, and we intend to make every effort to ensure that our content is pulled from experts in the field and from reputable sources, scientific articles, and peer reviewed journals.

So the question is – what topics and articles do we believe would be the most helpful for today’s retiree? We will initially turn our attention to health and wellness, and then move on to more lifestyle focused articles. We look forward to helping you in your journey whether it be wellness, dance, golf, bicycling, music, or art. We also look forward to getting your feedback and guidance on future directions. Please feel free to comment on this article as we can’t do it all without your help. Thanks!