Injured and Down For The Count

Recently I was injured trying to upright a motorcycle. As the lift started, I heard an audible pop from my shoulder followed by some excruciating pain. Unable to lift my arm beyond horizontal, I called my doctor who ordered a shoulder MRI. The result? A torn rotator cuff muscle and a dislocated biceps tendon. After some consultations with an orthopedic surgeon, I was convinced to “tough it out” and “see how it goes”. Thinking myself to be impervious to all injury, I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder and proceeded with my normal activities. Those activities included time in the gym, bicycling, and a motorcycle adventure to Moab Utah. It was all fun and games until the shot wore off.

Looking back now to six months ago when the injury occurred, I should have listened to that faint inner voice that said “Get this taken care of now and maybe you’ll have a normal summer next year”. Well, now it’s next year and I just couldn’t live or sleep like this anymore. The surgery was delayed until April 1st, due to COVID. That about sums it up, Fool’s Day for a Fool. Now, post surgery, I look forward to four to six months of rehab and to wearing this silly sling. Also a wasted summer of trying to come up with six month’s worth stuff to pass the time with one arm out of commission.

What has all this to do with retirement? In hindsight, if you have some nagging medical anomaly that you have been ignoring, get it taken care of forthwith. Life is way too short to not live your life to the fullest and to enjoy every moment. At this late stage in my life, I am increasingly aware of how precious each moment is. It is best lived filled with memories, experiences, and relationships with family and friends. I leave you all with some sad pictures of a forlorn retired guy looking upon his stuff that he will not be enjoying for a while.