What is My Legacy?

As I enter my sixth decade of life, I begin to wonder about my legacy. We probably all do a bit of this as we see our friends and classmates pass into the great beyond. Some even write their own obituary in hopes that they will be remembered in a positive light. Just today I found out that a high school classmate died in some sort of motorcycle accident. The details of the incident are a bit fuzzy, but I do remember him as a jovial fellow that had many friends. I am sure he will be memorialized and remembered fondly by all. But the whole event does bring to mind that our days are numbered and you never know when your number will be called. A friend reminded me that neither he nor I are ready to face our own mortality.

I have no idea if I will be eulogized positively or negatively. I am 100% certain that I have offended many and befriended few. Also, I have never been to a funeral wherein the deceased is not remembered in a positive light, so I have high hopes. Perhaps I need to start thinking about my memorial today as a preemptive strike against the mob of naysayers that will speak poorly of me, my golf game, and my inability to admit that I am sometimes wrong in my opinions.

Perhaps if there existed a bobble head of me, I would feel as if I had made it in this world. I mean, why should pseudo famous baseball players be the only ones to get a bobble head. Why not me? Aren’t we all equal in God’s eyes?

I think that the best I can hope for is a bobble head tomb stone.