The Ignorant Masses

Some thoughts on greco roman wrestling, young Serbian medical students, and the general mistreatment of the ignorant masses. So, here am I at this gig in the northern frontiers of New York State. They seem to have a plethora of young folks serving tables, feverishly polishing the bar stools, and generally trying to be quite helpful. Silly me, I walk up to one of the busy little bees and ask for a glass of water. The frank reply? “What is wahhhtur?” Apparently, all of the employees are indeed young Serbian medical students that have been brought into bonded servitude here in America.

Now ya gotta wonder, let’s say you are a medical student in Serbia (work with me here, this IS going somewhere). You open up the paper, and the headline reads “Milosavich to Star in Reality Series”. You leaf to the back and see an ad “Come to America, live the good life, see Hollywood, Broadway, and Yankee Stadium”. What a great idea!! So you gather up your life savings, get a ticket on Serbo-Croatian Air, and head off to upstate New York. You arrive, get settled in, and told to get your fat ass into the fry kitchen of some crappy bar to make a batch of hot wings for some drunken dipstick.

This is probably the way the children of Israel felt when they arrived in Egypt, only to be told to start making bricks or they was gonna get an ass whuppin’.

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