How Do I get that Email Back?

So it turns out that some nincompoop that I work with “accidentally” sent an email to about 200 people in our organization comparing GW Bush to a chimp. Now don’t get me wrong, I can make fun of people’s anatomical anomalies as well as the next feller. The problem is, This guy assumes that every poindexter in the workplace is a certified ACLU card totin’ GW despiser. Fortunately, higher powers and folks far wiser than I dropped a rock on this bonehead and told him that “Hey, maybe there are people that don’t think that way, even in an elite organization like ours” So, in lieu of getting fired, he wrote a nice apologetic letter to the whole group. I’m sure this got the ACLU card toters in an uproar.
On a different note, I have recently dicsovered that Elvis is the king of rock and roll. Now I gotta believe that Elvis would not have made fun of GW. In fact if Elvis was still alive, I’ll betcha he’d be doing USO tours over in Iraq.

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