Finding a Rare Gem

Wow, just found my old blog whilst puttering around the internet. Isn’t technology just marvy. Rereading these old posts now, I realize the the world really needs my guidance more than ever. Why this very morning, I thinks to myself, I should write a book. So immediately, I Google for how to write a book. The first items that pop up are “Why you should not write a book”. After reading a couple of those articles, and carefully pondering the implications of each treatise, I conclude that they know not their ass from a hole upon the ground. So as a starter, I think I will just blog for a while and see what comes of it all. Perhaps from amongst a long set of blog posts I can assemble soem cohesive pattern of thought and action. So, for a while, I shall recount some childhood adventures, and see where that leads. It may be that it leads to a deeper understanding of my odd brain, why I do what I do, and why I ams what I am, ack ack ack ack ack.

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