A New Path

Today I want to start down a new path. Rather than ramblings from my distant past, my intent is to be a bit more introspective. I started reading a book today called Writing Down the Bones. First couple of chapters were truly inspirational and seem to have arrived at a time in my life when I am getting a little more thoughtful about where I am, where I have been, and where I am going.

The author is Natalie Goldberg. Her approach to writing is very personal and hits you in the head and in the gut. Let it flow without thought for punctuation, misspelling, and the like. Make writing a daily practice, as if one were training for a 5K run or a golf outing. I shall endeavor to make writing something in this blog a daily practice and see where it goes. My initial focus will be on writing based on “first thought”, that is the first thought that comes to mind is what I will try to expand upon. Let the crap flow until that thought has been driven to some sort of resolution.

And they’re off…..

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