Ya Can’t Change the Past, Dumbass

Consider for just a moment what you are doing right now. Now consider what that is going to look like to you thirty years from now. I’m not talking about reading this goofy blog, I’m talking about what the hell you are doing with your life. When you look back on what you did with your life thirty years from now, will you be happy, proud, ashamed, guilty, or just plain stupefied at the stupid stupidity with which you wasted this awesome opportunity?

Everyone, I think, at some point worries about their legacy. I often read of a President being concerned about their legacy. Usually this concern comes to light during the last days of their administration. My contention is, that is exactly the wrong time to start worrying about your legacy, since that is exactly the time at which you can’t do a fucking thing about it. 

So what is a person to do? I don’t have a frigging clue. As the scripture says

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

But I gotta ask, if I’m a mist that vanishes, why should I be concerned about my legacy? I mean really, legacies only last a little while, unless you’re George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. The rest of us poor saps will have a legacy like unto my old grandpa. His legacy will only last a generation or two and then we’ll all even forget where the hell he was even buried. That my friend is you and I. Our kids and grandkids will remember some of the stupid shit we did and said, bury us, and then forget to tell their kids where we were buried.

I’ll leave you with a song. Sing it Doris!!