The Year of the Psychopath

Psychopaths are really having their special moment this year aren’t they? Well, I think this is just a portent of things to come. I am no Nostradamus, but I really think I am onto this one, so bear with me as I expound and obfuscate upon this most important of modern trends.

I hereby designate the year 2020 as “The Year of the Psychopath”. I’m really feeling this one. Psychopaths all over the world are massing to make 2020 into a real disco agogo mosh pit of psychopathic frenzy. Almost every country has a psychopath running it and many are just throbbing, waiting for a new psychopath to throw out the dull old normal leader. Canada May be the last hold out. 

I found this online test that can help y’all understand if you be ready to participate in the upcoming carnival of psychopathy, Ready? Steady? Go!!