Wasted Away Again In Ukuleleville

My good buddy, Mark (The Professor) Pietrafesa convinced me that the future of music lies nestled in the sound hole of a ukulele. 
So, convinced that he was indeed the prophet that I had a need to heed, I bought me an el cheapo Kala ukulele. (pictured directly to your right)
I be lovin this thing. I can sing all sorts of stupid songs to my new grandson, like C is for Cookie (that’s good enough for me) and Froggy Went Uh-Courtin (he did ride uh huh)

Now the only problem with buying an el cheapo ukulele, is that shortly after learning my first song, I realized that I need a far more expensive ukulele. And so it goes …

Behold, the ukulele that I have been uh-pining for, lo these many days. Designed, contrived, and assembled by froggy little naked native boys in the jungles of Kumoniwannalaya Hawaii using wood sawed from the limbs of an endangered species of Koa trees.

I have no idea why I gotta have this guitar other than the fact that I believe it will somehow imbue me with the powers of a thousand hula girls singing Tiny Bubbles. In any event, I am on the path, the journey, the trail of something way bigger than myself.

I’m old … I’m confused … and I gotta grow as a human

So there