On Forgiveness

How far is the east from the west? However far that is, at least a few kilometers, is the distance that God is supposed to be able to separate us from our mistakes, sins, faux paux, and boo boos. We as humans have a great deal of trouble doing that when it comes to other people.

I’m still pissed about a guy that screwed me over on fixing my garage floor. I take every opportunity to curse his name and would gladly give him the stink eye if I saw him in Walmart. I have been told by others, that I should release this pent up anger and forgive. Unfortunately, I love to roll in it like a dog rolling on a dead skunk. I probably would get some sense of relief if I put it in God’s hands and let him exact his justice. I should probably just gather it all up and say “stupid is as stupid does” or as my bass playing buddy says “let a fool be a fool”.

Ya know, forgiveness does not come naturally to me, and I assume to anyone else. I often see some yo-yo on TV saying that they forgive so and so for murdering their entire family and then burning the house down. Sorry, that ain’t something that I think I would be capable of. Oh, I’ve forgiven people, at least in my mind. But I expect that if I ran into them in a dark alley, I’d still think about tripping their sorry ass to give em a little taste of the pain that they inflicted on me.

There are entire religions built on forgiveness, and you know of whom I primarily speak. And yet, you read again and again of some bunch of religious nuts murdering some other bunch of religious nuts because they don’t believe in some aspect of the other’s religion. They justify there actions by grabbing some piece of sacred text from their religion or prophet or teacher and then say something like “God told me to do it”. I really don’t think that God needs you or anybody else to kick somebody’s ass. He can do that all by hisself. I don’t think that God is in the business of taking sides. It’s more like God has a direction and purpose and we can decide whether or not we want to join in that direction and purpose. God doesn’t decide to follow us, I’m afraid that the visa is versa.

As far as the current bunch of nuts that have decided that God is a member of their political party … any action you perform is justified for you based on that belief. I don’t think that this sorry ass blogger is gonna convince you otherwise. Your mind is already made up. You folks has already made up your mind as to what is truth and no power on earth is gonna convince you otherwise.

OK, so now back to forgiveness. I guess I gotta forgive the rascal that fucked up my garage floor.

Nah – that’s just crazy talk.

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