On the Cusp of Inconsequential

As I approach my 65th year of life, thoughts of purpose and accomplishment seep into my mind. If a person had accomplished all that they had desired in life, would there be a reason to continue? Or should such a person just dither on mindlessly through their remaining years playing golf, going to the gym, texting their friends, and posting on Facebook. Perhaps the occasional wedding or funeral would pop up to fill their days. I doubt that any of these activities will result in a grand legacy.

“Good old what’s his name. Now there’s a guy that could really find some interesting crap on the internet to post on Facebook.”

These thoughts may also be what led me to focus more of my time on this blog. I’ve recently had a lot more time to think about all that I have done and maybe all that I should have done. I started writing a novel with great exuberance a couple of years ago. I even completed a chapter outline and finished the first chapter. I then hired a professional writer to review and give me notes. The excitement exploded in a cloud of flour when the pandemic hit. I know you’re thinking that should have given me plenty of time to finish the novel. In fact the opposite occurred and I lost all focus. I may get back to it some day … who knows. It’s stored in the cloud so maybe some future generation will find it and be inspired. I suspect that may also be where this blog ends up, and in fact I am just spouting off to the heavens. We’re about two decades into this blog, so I suspect I shall continue to spout even from my deathbed. It may be that we all think that we are way more fascinating than we actually are.

To really understand the implications of one’s life, I think an assessment is in order. As such, here is a questionnaire to contemplate

  1. Was there ever a point in your life at which you decided on a purpose?
  2. Do you have confidence in your ability to achieve anything you desire?
  3. Are you entirely free from all of these basic fears: Fear of failure; Fear of letting go; Fear of success; Fear of wasting time?
  4. Do you make a habit of rendering more service than you are paid for?
  5. Do you have habits that offend others?
  6. Do you hold your tongue when angry?
  7. Do you get along harmoniously with others?
  8. Does defeat cause you to stop trying?
  9. Do you have habits that you feel you cannot control?
If your answer to any of these is counter to your goal or legacy, then we have solved your existential crisis. You and I both have some homework that will almost certainly last to the end of our days, as I’m pretty sure that my answer to almost all of these questions is “I don’t think so, Sparky”.
You can thank me later.