A Brief Interruption

The Year in Review

I feel compelled to review my year. After seeing all of the other sad “This Year in Review” commentary, I feel that they all fall short in many ways. The most specific failure in these reviews is that there is no mention of me, hence my need to bring my narcissistic viewpoint into focus for […]

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2014 – A Resolution

Often I find my brain chewing on a single thought – “What’s next?”. Deep thinking or meditating is something I occasionally engage in, but in all truth, I am more of a “doer” than a person that “think’s about doing”. In the past this has often resulted in disaster, as the mouth speaks before the

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A New Path

Today I want to start down a new path. Rather than ramblings from my distant past, my intent is to be a bit more introspective. I started reading a book today called Writing Down the Bones. First couple of chapters were truly inspirational and seem to have arrived at a time in my life when

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Finding a Rare Gem

Wow, just found my old blog whilst puttering around the internet. Isn’t technology just marvy. Rereading these old posts now, I realize the the world really needs my guidance more than ever. Why this very morning, I thinks to myself, I should write a book. So immediately, I Google for how to write a book.

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