On Sadness

I notice that as I get older, I get sadder. Not sure why this happened, but I am reasonably certain that it happens to everyone as they age. The reason is that sorrow and regret are the result of living your life. You can’t be sorrowful or regretful for something that never happened. Thinking back

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The Stew Man

There was this kid in my neighborhood named Frankie Stewart. He lived in a big old house with his extended family. Now when I say extended, I mean really really extended. There was his short Italian grandmother, his aunt, mother, father, older sister, and two younger sisters. I think that his granny did babysit for

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Gramma’s Cookies

Roxana wasn’t the most “Grandmotherly” in the world. Probably the result of her strict Methodist upbringing and her marriage to the quietest man that ever lived. However, she did make the best cookies in the world. My favorite cookie was a chocolate oatmeal no bake cookie. These cookies consisted of cocoa, sugar, oatmeal, and some

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